Emily DeDakis
Sailortown, Belfast

Emily DeDakis has been in love with Sailortown since one lost, wandering night – in pre-Google Maps days – when a bunch of punks carrying a boombox down Corporation Street showed her the way to the Rotterdam Bar. It was one of her first nights out in Belfast. She’s been roaming the dockside again; enjoying Benny’s breakfasts, peeking in skips, loving the lorries and howling wind, the American Bar, and the hidden gem of the Seafarer’s Mission.

Emily’s time as a writer-in-residence for Household will be represented in our inaugural community newspaper. Her text contribution, TWO BY TWO, draws from her conversations with Sailortown’s people and her curiosity about the neighbourhood, and will reflect on globalization, habitats (for people & wildlife), Harriet the Spy, Noah’s Ark, Jenga, and loneliness. Glimpses of Emily’s encounters in Sailortown will be posted across our social media platforms.

Emily DeDakis is a writer, dramaturg and producer. She’s from the Southeast U.S. and has lived in Belfast since 2005 – now in the north of the city. She currently works with Accidental Theatre, Belfast’s only independent fringe theatre & Book Bar and Fighting Words, a creative writing centre for young people. Emily has taught writing at Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University and developed new performances in multimedia, immersive, dance and 24-hour theatre. She has written for radio (ORCHESTRAL GROUPIES WITH SHAVED HEADS, Radio 3 2017) and television (LAST NIGHT IN BELFAST, BBC 3’s ‘The Break’ 2019). She is a member of the experimental choir HIVE and as a writer she often collaborates with sound artists, like Úna Monaghan (F R E A K FLOODS, 2016) and Michael McKnight (STOWAWAY CITY, 2019).