Tastes of Sailortown

February-May 2019
Various locations, Sailortown

Together with artist Thomas Wells, Household is exploring questions around the use and production of food, eating as an activity that has social and political implications, and how taste experiences can connect people to memory, fantasy, history, community, and society.

Tom is interested in the intersections between work and life and how experiences influence personal narratives. Hailing from Manchester, having studied in Glasgow and now based in Belfast, his work examines how the post-industrial city and working-class culture shapes identity and can preserve and support alternative and sustainable ways of living.

The Tastes of Sailortown is a series of workshops delivered with participants of all ages in the Sailortown neighbourhood in Belfast. On the 25th May, as part of the Maritime Festival, Tom and Household will host a free public event at the Mission To Seafarers that invites visitors of all ages to experience some of Sailortown’s histories through a flavour-focused experience.