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Two by Two: A Sailortown Fable

Sunday 5th September
The Mission to Seafarers Angel

‘Two by Two: A Sailortown Fable’ is based on ‘TWO BY TWO’ by Emily DeDakis.  Read the full story and find out more about Emily’s artist residency with Household in Sailortown.

Ella is searching for clues and patiently waiting for Noah’s Ark to dock at Belfast harbour.  Follow her voice on this audio walk and discover the people, buildings, and animals (real and imagined) of Belfast’s Sailortown.
Download ‘Two By Two: A Sailortown Fable’ audio walk using the Echoes app and hear the story come to life when you walk to the locations marked on the interactive map.

Find the traces of Ella’s story at the blue shapes on the map: Rectangular shapes are the main story points (Durations ~2:00-3:30); and Circles are short echoes (Durations ~ 0:10-0:30).
Please listen through headphones and turn on your phone’s WiFi to help improve your location accuracy.

We recommend that you start your audio walk experience at the car park at Yorkgate Station Car Park, but feel free to wander and find your own path through the locations on the map.
Please take care whilst navigating the streets – be mindful of traffic and be careful when crossing roads.
Download the walk-in advance to prevent issues with mobile data streaming.

Scan that QR code with their mobile to download the ‘Two by Two: Echoes of Sailortown’ audio walk to your mobile device.

If you have any questions or feedback about this Echoes audio walk experience please contact John D’Arcy –

Emily DeDakis- Writer & Producer
Marty Byrne – Sound Designer & Composer
John D’Arcy – Digital Producer & Audio Engineer
Maeve Smyth – Voice

Photography By Simon Mills