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Film Screening: Not Only the Earth We Share (Dir: Sol Archer, 2021)

Sunday 5th September
The American Bar, Sailortown

Since 2018, at the invitation of Household, Sol Archer has spent time with and engaged with groups intersecting, identifying, or operating in Sailortown and the surrounding area: elderly former residents, new migrant communities, local grassroots organisations, and children and young people living in local social housing. His resulting artist-in-residence project, titled The production of daily life, positions the neighbourhood as a microcosm where histories are memorialised and (re-)enacted; the forces of regeneration and speculation are at play and can be playfully examined, and community and communities are formed and (re-)imagined. 

not only the earth we share was made in collaboration with current and former residents of Sailortown. It examines the past, present, and future of this special neighbourhood and celebrates the power of community despite the many wounds that have been inflicted upon it and the challenges it continues to face. 

We also wish to share with you the not only the earth we sharewebsite, a custom-designed platform made by nongraphic where you can view images, films, and information about Sol’s residency in Sailortown. More information here.

We continue to release information on this website, including extracts of Sol’s film and documentation of the installation at Golden Thread Gallery, oral history interviews, poetry from the Sailortown community, and other content.

More information about Sol’s residency project, The production of daily life, can be found here.

Sol Archer  is a Netherlands-based artist who works through long-term collaborations with professional and non-professional groups and mixed communities of interest and place. He considers the encounter as a space of production and uses video as an apparatus for creating collective experiences and new work. He is interested in developing strategies for creating agency and auto-representation within groups, and platforming and supporting groups who see community building as acts of resistance.

Thanks to our partners Daisy Chain Inc and our funders Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Belfast City Council, & Arts Council Northern Ireland.

Photography by Simon Mills