Household at The Maritime Festival

Various Venues in Sailortown


Household at the Maritime Festival, 4th & 5th September 2021

For the past three years we have been located in the historic neighbourhood of Sailortown, Belfast.  We have been working with current and former residents and a range of international and local artists on a series of projects which open up the stories of the area and its communities. As part of the Belfast Maritime Festival 2021 we will showcase some of these projects in various locations within Sailortown.

Thanks to our partners Daisy Chain Inc and our funders Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Belfast City Council, & Arts Council Northern Ireland


The Shipyard Slips 

Date: Saturday 4 September & Sunday 5 September 

Time: Sat 12pm – 5pm / Sun 1pm – 5pm (The work will run continuously, audiences can come anytime during these hours)

Location: Sinclair Seamen’s Church 

During lockdown, a group of people from Sailortown and beyond came together with artist and musician Ruth Clinton to form a digital choir and sing the song ‘The Shipyard Slips’ (David Wilde 1977).  The song is about the decline of the Belfast shipyards and details the hardships and historical events in the area. It references loss and longing for something, a narrative that resonates both with the history of Sailortown and the present day.  We invite you to listen to this new audio work in the historic setting of Sinclair Seamen’s church. 

Ruth Clinton is an artist and musician living in Co. Sligo. She is co-founder of the Sacred Harp Singers in Dublin and is a member of traditional singing group Landless. Ruth also works as a collaborative duo with artist Niamh Moriarty using performance, video, sound installation and storytelling. Ruth’s research explores the inevitability of progress and moving forward, the impossibility of going backwards, and questions the role nostalgia plays in the oscillation between these states.

This audio installation has been made in collaboration with Ruth Clinton, Dr John D’Arcy, HIVE Choir.

Many thanks to the participants who took part in the digital choir version in 2020. Michaela Badr, Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashell, John D’Arcy, Emily Dedakis, Elen Flugge, Meabh Meir, Aisling McCormick, Nollaig Molloy, Hanna Slattne. 

Folk Singing Workshop with Ruth Clinton

Date: Friday 3 September

Time: 7pm- 8.30pm

Location: The American Bar (Top floor)

To coincide with the audio installation of ‘The Shipyard Slips’ at Sinclair Seamen’s church, we are holding a one-off singing workshop with singer/ artist Ruth Clinton. No previous experience required.

Booking: Due to limited spaces please book in advance at

Film Screening: Not Only the Earth We Share (Dir: Sol Archer, 2021)

Date: Sunday 5 September

Time: 3pm – 4.15pm

Location: The American Bar (Upstairs)

This film was made in collaboration with artist Sol Archer and current and former residents of Sailortown. It examines the past, present, and future of this special neighbourhood and celebrates the power of community despite the many wounds that have been inflicted upon it and the challenges it continues to face. 

We also wish to share with you the ‘not only the earth we share’ website, a custom-designed platform made by @nongraphic where you can view images, films, and information about Sol’s project in Sailortown.

We continue to release information on this website, including extracts of Sol’s film and documentation of the installation at Golden Thread Gallery, oral history interviews, poetry from the Sailortown community, and other content.

Sol Archer  is a Netherlands-based artist who works through long-term collaborations with professional and non-professional groups and mixed communities of interest and place. He considers the encounter as a space of production and uses video as an apparatus for creating collective experiences and new work. He is interested in developing strategies for creating agency and auto-representation within groups, and platforming and supporting groups who see community building as acts of resistance.

Booking: Due to limited space please book in advance at


Date: Saturday 4 September 

Time: 3pm

Location:Meet at The Big Fish & walk to The American Bar

Artist Thomas Wells often uses food and the senses as a way to open up discussion around identity and relationships and to access other times and places. In this project he worked with current and former residents of Sailortown to produce a collection of recipes based on conversations and shared memories of growing up in Sailortown. For this event the artist will lead a walk from the Big Fish to the American Bar and host a special meal in collaboration with the Grateful Bread.

Thomas Wells is an artist based in Northern Ireland who is particularly interested in collective practice and exploring methodologies of collaboration. They create narratives and tell tales that explore identity, and family life. They love the dissolving of the truth into fiction as stories are retold which result in the creation of myths.

Booking: Due to limited space please book in advance at

Two by Two: A Sailortown Fable

Date/ Time: Sunday 5th September 4pm

Location: Meet at The Mission to Seafearers Angel

‘Two by Two: A Sailortown Fable’ is based on ‘TWO BY TWO’ by Emily DeDakis.  Read the full story and find out more about Emily’s artist residency with Household in Sailortown.

Ella is searching for clues and patiently waiting for Noah’s Ark to dock at Belfast harbour.  Follow her voice on this audio walk and discover the people, buildings, and animals (real and imagined) of Belfast’s Sailortown.
Download ‘Two By Two: A Sailortown Fable’ audio walk using the Echoes app and hear the story come to life when you walk to the locations marked on the interactive map.

Find the traces of Ella’s story at the blue shapes on the map: Rectangular shapes are the main story points (Durations ~2:00-3:30); and Circles are short echoes (Durations ~ 0:10-0:30).
Please listen through headphones and turn on your phone’s WiFi to help improve your location accuracy.

We recommend that you start your audio walk experience at the car park at Yorkgate Station Car Park, but feel free to wander and find your own path through the locations on the map.
Please take care whilst navigating the streets – be mindful of traffic and be careful when crossing roads.
Download the walk-in advance to prevent issues with mobile data streaming.

Scan that QR code with their mobile to download the ‘Two by Two: Echoes of Sailortown’ audio walk to your mobile device.

If you have any questions or feedback about this Echoes audio walk experience please contact John D’Arcy –

Emily DeDakis- Writer & Producer
Marty Byrne – Sound Designer & Composer
John D’Arcy – Digital Producer & Audio Engineer
Maeve Smyth – Voice