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Thomas Wells
Sailortown, Belfast

Friday Night, quick tea? Salt and vinegar, bread and butter, on their own; with fish, sausage, pie, pasty; wet, dry, gravy, curry, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad cream, peas… the variations are infinite. 
With multiple versions of potato submerged in hot fat consumed daily across the globe, the humble chip is a quintessential, ubiquitous dish that celebrates immigration and class, and is a lot more nutritious than you might have been told. 

CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING is a project led by artist Thomas Wells that explores the commemoration and visualisation of intimate and hidden everyday moments. Working alongside an arts and craft group in Sailortown, Belfast, we will together discuss the politics of the dinner table through storytelling and explore the frameworks and commonalities of a community.

During CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING, we will develop and create a series of commemorative objects celebrating the centre of domestic power and life in Sailortown Рthe dinner table -whilst incorporating working-class people’s history and international shared experiences of post-industrial place.

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