Projects / StreetSpace Sailortown 2019/20


Jing Ting Lim

“Previously, on the site chosen for this project along Corporation Street, the housing area had changed completely because of the motorway construction throughout the years. The project is to achieve the multi-generation living in a mixed neighbourhood with a functioning social community and needed to provide diverse opportunities for communication and interaction in good quality of semi-public spaces. The vision of this place is to create community, a model of a micro-society where people find their own space for privacy, as well as places of gathering, exchange, movement and education.

The building mainly focuses on the family as different families come from different backgrounds. To cope with this issue, the design intended to focus on the co-living that residents have the opportunity to live within the same. The building contains units of different sizes, layouts, and typologies, with different mean of access. The central design idea is to create opportunities for social interaction and communal activities. Market stalls and some flexible programme will be held on the ground floor to create a new diverse zone for different operations under the one roof area. The temporary structure of the market can be changed to another function for resting and communicating. Both among the residents themselves as well as with the surrounding neighbourhood.”