Projects / go beyond art–Sailortown (2018-21)

StreetSpace Sailortown 2019/20

Sailortown, Belfast
September 2019 - June 2020

Contextual axonometric from the riverside, John Doherty

In 2019/20, Household was one of the organisational partners in StreetSpace, a research and teaching project set up and led by Dr Agustina Martire at Queen’s University Belfast that seeks to understand the significance of local mixed streets, by analysing their physical, historical and experiential aspects. This multidisciplinary project aims to provide an alternative way of mapping, drawing, planning, preserving, developing and designing streets.

In the 2019/20 studio, 14 architecture students – Mariana Alvim da Cunha, Nathan Cilona, John Doherty, Ciaran Gormley, Sitong Guo, Aisha Holmes, Nehal Jain, Aisling Madden, Lorna McCartan, Tiarnan McIlhatton, Hannah Miskimmon, Juliette Moore, Jing Ting Lim, and Jonathan Yau – worked in collaboration with Household, Sailortown Regeneration, the Department for Communities and Belfast City Council to address the area of Sailortown in Belfast and its connection to the rest of the city. The studio encouraged students to understand the histories and memories of the place through engaging with its communities, and to explore ways of representing them to address problems of vacancy, lack of cohesion, connection and coherence in a very significant area of the city.

The students produced proposals for Sailortown that considered and enhanced the diversity, vibrancy and spatial quality of Sailortown’s streets. These proposals aim to be feasible, affordable and sustainable while protecting and enhancing the quality of the existing and new built environment.


Ciaran Gormley


Nathan Cilona


Tiernan McIlhatton


Mariana Alvim da Cunha