Projects / go beyond art–Sailortown (2018-21)

go beyond art: UU student module 2017-18

Sailortown, Belfast
September 2017 - January 2018

go beyond art is a student module designed by Household that encourages Ulster University BA Fine Art students to engage with expanded definitions of public art practice. The module takes its title from the first directive of the Situationists International – written by poet, artist, revolutionary thinker, editor, and filmmaker Guy Debord in 1963 – that called for artists to ‘go beyond art’, give up art making with a capital ‘A’ and continue their struggle in non-art fields and everyday life.

The module will be delivered in public spaces in and around Sailortown and encourages participants to use this fascinating historical Belfast neighbourhood as a starting point for developing their own approaches to Public Art production.

The module is delivered by Household in collaboration with the Ulster University teaching staff and Sailortown Regeneration group.



Session 1 

Friday 6th October 2017: Module Introduction/ a brief History of Exemplary International Public Art Practices

Session 2

Wednesday 11th October 2017:  A brief History of Local Public Art Practices/ History of Sailortown with Terry McKeown from Sailortown Regeneration Group

Session 3

Monday 16th October 2017: Sailortown dérive

Session 4

Monday 6th November 2017: An introduction to Artistic Mapping/ Mapping Sailortown

Session 5

Friday 10th November 2017: Studio visits with Household

Session 6

Friday 17th November 2017: Friday Seminar formal presentations of work/ Group discussion


Student exhibition

Friday 26th January 2018: an exhibition of work made by students in response to the go beyond art module, exhibited in Sailortown.


Image: Guy Debord, Directive no. 1: Go beyond art, June 17, 1963 Oil painting on cloth, Kodak reversal film reproduction (the original was destroyed in a fire) Guy Debord archives, manuscript division, BnF