Artists in Neighbourhoods

Various neighbourhoods across Belfast City


Since Household was formed in 2012 we have had an active interest in public art. Since then we have been researching, learning from key individuals and connecting with internationally recognised public art organisations across the world and trialling out a variety of ways of working with artists in Belfast; in vacant city centre premises, focusing on neighbourhoods in north, east, south of the city.

For this programme we are trialling new ways of commissioning public art and art production in the city. Belfast has a wealth of creative talent who often miss out on opportunities for upscaling and expanding their practice into the public realm due to lack of support. We believe there is a gap where knowledge and skills can be shared in order to support artists of our city. We believe that meaningful, embedded public art can not only change the look and feel of a city but also create new narratives and perspectives.

We have been working with four artists Jan McCullough, Michael Hanna and Brown&Brí, over the last year to develop proposals for neighbourhoods in the city which we will use as case studies for realising and testing our method of working in Belfast. We aim that these case studies and the research around the work can inform public art policy within Northern Ireland.  

Artist in Neighbourhoods is a new pilot project set up by Household Belfast C.I.C, an arts organisation that works collectively to support artists and communities make art in the public realm. This initiative has been made possible by the generosity of our partners and funders; Paul Hamlyn FoundationBelfast City Council, Arts Council Northern Ireland