Household at the Future of Art in Perpetually Restructuring Cities symposium

We were invited to contribute to the Valand Academy Future of Art in Perpetually Restructuring Cities symposium in Gothenburg this October. The programme included discussions, screenings, workshops, performances, and the opportunity to experience artworks installed in public spaces across the city, such as Next to You by Marika Hedemyr, and Eric Magassa’s work, Walking With Shadows, which part of the Goteborg Biennial 2019 and installed in the docks. We were in good company alongside fellow invited guests Donald Mitchell (Uppsala University); Feras Hammami (Gothenburg University);
Gavin Murphy (Centre for Creative Arts & Media, Galway-Mayo
Institute of Technology); Sara Brorström, Handelshögskolan (Gothenburg University); Caroline Cowley (Public Arts Officer, Fingal County Council); Benj Gerdes (Artist, Gothenburg); Sol Archer; Oli Mould (Royal Holloway, University of London); Theo Tegelaers (Curator, TAAK, Amsterdam) and Marika Hedemyr (Artist, Gothenburg) and others. We look forward to future collaborations, the next iteration of the research group, and exploring some of the new connections and contacts made.