‘go beyond art’ begins

Today, we met students from Ulster University for the first time to provide an introduction to our go beyond art student module, an introduction to Household, and a brief history of the Situationists International and exemplary international public art practices.

Our introduction included a short history of the Situations and examples of how such practices can provide new ways of resisting the status quo and freely interacting with public and urban spaces as well as being co-opted by market capitalism.

The presentation on exemplary public art practices covered definitions of public art, different ways of showing artwork ‘in ‘public’ and included examples of work by artists such as Liam Gillick, Maddie Leach, Melanie Manchot, Susan Philipsz, lya Kabakov, Oscar Tuazon, Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July, Assemble, and Jeanne van Heeswijk, amongst others.



Image: ‘Memorial to Loss: Freedom in a Carceral State. The program was the culmination of a series of planning meetings between AEA and Philadelphia Assembled (PHLA)’, Philadelphia Assembled, a long-term public art project by Jeanne van Heeswijk.