HOUSEHOLD is an art organisation that works with artists and communities to meaningfully respond to public places.

We collectively develop and produce art activities for and with communities of visual artists, writers, curators, residents and visitors in Belfast that take place across the city, often in unexpected spaces.

Household values the production of high-quality art, relationships with collaborators and partners, and working in ways that connect with and benefit people and place.

We are interested in telling untold stories, asking unspoken questions, and revealing hidden narratives through creative, engaging visual arts programming. We also organise events that encourage networking and support shared learning and creative and professional development.

Since 2017, our work has focused on Sailortown, a unique historical Belfast neighbourhood. There, together with artists, residents, partners and visitors, we have organised long-term artist residencies, exhibitions and events, neighbourhood days and festivals, workshops for people of all ages, and student modules and projects to explore, celebrate and question the area’s past, present and future.

Our other events have included the delivery of two art festivals in over 80 domestic spaces and public sites in collaboration with over 170 artists and local organisations; a six-week art and residency programme across disused city-centre offices; a series of citywide interventions, talks, commissions and events in collaboration with local and international partners and creative practitioners; and a range of presentations, discussions, debates and get-togethers in Belfast and elsewhere. In partnership with Belfast City Council we presented The Imagined City, a programme of public events considering the role of art and artists in urban environments; and together with Belfast Film Festival and Artangel The Arbor, a series of film screenings and discussions in private and community spaces.

Household operates under a collective leadership model. The Belfast team includes artist and organiser Jane Butler, curators Alissa Kleist and Ciara Hickey, artist and arts administrator Sinead O’Neill-Nicholl, and is supported by designer Sean Greer; our artists and community collaborators; and co-founders and Company Directors: Belfast-based artist Sighle Bhreathnach Cashell and curators Kim McAleese and Eoin Dara, who are based in Birmingham and Dundee.

A full list of the individuals, volunteers and partners that have worked with Household can be found here. All of our work is non-profit and we are a registered Community Interest Company (number NI627443)