go beyond art: UU student module

Sailortown, Belfast

go beyond art is a student module designed by Household that encourages students to engage with expanded definitions of public art practice. The module takes its title from the first directive of the Situationists International – written by poet, artist, revolutionary thinker, editor, and filmmaker Guy Debord in 1963 – that called for artists to ‘go beyond art’, give up art making with a capital ‘A’ and continue their struggle in non-art fields and everyday life.

The module will largely be delivered in public spaces in and around Sailortown and encourages participants to use this fascinating historical Belfast neighbourhood as a starting point for developing their own approaches to Public Art production.

The module is delivered by Household in collaboration with the Ulster University teaching staff and Sailortown Regeneration group.



Session 1 

Friday 6th October: Module Introduction/ a brief History of Exemplary International Public Art Practices

Session 2

Wednesday 11th October:  A brief History of Local Public Art Practices/ History of Sailortown with Terry McKeown from Sailortown Regeneration Group

Session 3

Monday 16th October: Sailortown dérive

Session 4

Monday 6th November: An introduction to Artistic Mapping/ Mapping Sailortown

Session 5

Friday 10th November: Studio visits with Household

Session 6

Friday 17th November: Friday Seminar formal presentations of work/ Group discussion


Image: Guy Debord, Directive no. 1: “Go beyond art,” June 17, 1963 Oil painting on cloth, Kodak reversal film reproduction (the original was destroyed in a fire) Guy Debord archives, manuscript division, BnF